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Blood Sugar Balancer

Codonopsis Root, Eleuthero Root and Licorice Root. Made specifically for a workshop on natural remedies for diabetes and hypoglycemic symptoms, this blend helps the body both deal with the causes and consequences of blood sugar imbalances as well as with helping balance levels as well. ** This does not take the place of insulin therapy. It can however be used in conjunction with insulin therapy as long as you are testing your blood sugar levels regularly and adjusting your insulin levels accordingly. This blend is ideal for anyone who has hypoglycemic symptoms, and who are addressing their blood sugar imbalance with diet and herbs.

Size Price
4 oz (120 mL) with glass dropper $26.00
4 oz (120 mL) with black screw lid (no dropper) $26.00
2 oz (60 mL) with glass dropper $16.00
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