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California Poppy Tincture

Using fresh above ground parts and roots, 1:2, 50% organically grown in our gardens.  California Poppy, or Eschscholzia californica, is used to promote relaxation without sedation, though combined with Valerian Root, it helps to "modify Valerian''s tendency to overstimulate cardiovascular and digestive functions" (Michael Moore, Medicinal Plants of the Pacific West, Red Crane Books, 1993). It is used to treat anxiety, hyperactivity and sleeplessness (for kids use a low dose), and nervousness, including skin hypersensitivity (including allergic reactions caused by or exacerbated by stress and anxiety).  Large doses come with a caution to not operate machinery.  Califonia Poppy can also be used in pain treatments, including digestive pain, muscle cramping or overuse/misuse/damage, toothaches, pain and stress associated with drug and alcohol withdrawal, and overall body pain due to nerve damage (combined with Skullcap and or Valerian for more effect), though again, lethargy may occur, which can be beneficial for healing.   See also our Pain Relief tincture in the Tincture Blends section.

Size Price
4 oz (~120 mL) amber bottle without dropper $25.00
4 oz (~120 mL) amber bottle with glass dropper $25.00
2 oz (~60 mL) amber bottle w/ dropper $15.00
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