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Tincture Blends > Children's Lung Tonic

Children Children's Lung Tonic

Tinctures of Elecampane Root, Mullein Leaf, Licorice Root, Marshmallow Root, Thyme, and Vegetable Glycerine. Popular with kids (and their caregivers!) with its sweet taste from the glycerine and licorice, acting mostly as an expectorant with a soothing effect on the whole respiratory system. This tonic turns a dry cough into a productive one while also soothing and healing irritated and sore mucous membranes. This blend does contain a small amount of alcohol, which we feel is safe for kids over 1 year - contact us for more info.

Size Price
4 oz (~110 mL) with glass dropper $26.00
4 oz (~110 mL) with black screw lid (no dropper) $26.00
2 oz (~55 mL) with glass dropper $16.00
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