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MUSHROOM BLEND – NEW blend! A double extracted blend of Reishi (Ganoderma), Shiitake, Maitake, and Cordyceps. Research on the medicinal effectiveness of these mushrooms is extensive. In short, they have been proven to strengthen the immune system, help with allergies, in cancer prevention and treatment, HIV, etc; improve cardiovascular function (circulation), lower the bad cholesterols and triglycerides, regulate blood pressure, etc; they are anti-inflammatory, benefiting asthma, esp. allergic asthma, COPD, and hepatitis B & C. This is also recommended for those experiencing chronic stress, to improve adrenal function and prevent viral and bacterial infections.  Highly recommended to deep immune stimulation and moderation, in cases of frequent and/or prolonged illness, and as a preventative.  A double extraction means the mushrooms are first made into a tincture, then pressed, and secondly concocted as a tea, thereby achieving maximum strength with both alcohol and water soluble medicinal components being extracted.  Final alcohol content measured between 20-25%.

Size Price
4 oz (120 mL) with glass dropper $32.00
4 oz (120 mL) with black screw lid (no dropper) $32.00
2 oz (60 mL) with glass dropper $20.00
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