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Muscle and Joint Care > Trauma Liniment with Arnica

Trauma Liniment with Arnica Trauma Liniment with Arnica

Arnica, St. John's Wort, Calendula tinctures infused with pure essential oils of Wintergreen, Lavender, Fir & Rosemary. With Arnica's anti-inflammatory and overall healing powers combined with the pain-relieving qualities of Wintergreen, this formula works by reducing inflammation, bruising and increasing circulation and thus healing of sore, overworked or injured ligaments, joints, and muscles. Great for externally treating hyperextensions, bursitis, arthritis, bruises and strained areas. (Caution: avoid if you have an allergy or sensitivity to Wintergreen - we can make one without). We ethically harvest the Arnica blossoms and leaves from our nearby mountainsides, and the St. John's Wort and Calendula are grown in our organic gardens.

Size Price
2 oz (~60 mL) amber bottle with internal dropper $15.00
4 oz (~120 mL) amber glass bottle with internal dropper $25.00
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