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Herbal Tincture Formulas for The 4-week Ultimate Body Detox Plan

Now available to order through the Lillooet Wellness Centre or Gillian's Herbs

Skin - Yellow Dock Root, Cleavers & Red Clover


Lungs - Comfrey Root, Elecampane Root, Grindelia, Lobelia, Mullein & Red Clover (Horehound available June 2007)


Blood/Circulation - Yellow Dock Root & Red Clover


Liver/Gall Bladder - Milk Thistle, Dandelion Root, Yarrow, Astragalus Root, & Ginger Root (Turmeric and Barberry available June 2007)


Lymphatic - Echinacea Root, Flower and Leaves, Cleavers, Astragalus Root, and Oregon Grape Root (used instead of Goldenseal which is endangered)


Intestinal - Marshmallow Root (Slippery Elm available June 2007)


Kidneys/Urinary - Dandelion Leaf and Root, Cleavers, Couchgrass, Bearberry (aka Uva ursi) and Yarrow


  • All herbs are either certified organic, are grown organically or are ethically wildcrafted - we only use the highest quality herbs for our medicines.
  • The above formulas are inspired from information in The 4-week Ultimate Body Detox Plan by Michelle Schoffro Cook. Custom Blending and other herbs are available to suit your individual needs - please contact gillian at gillian's herbs (see contact info below).
  • Bulk pricing is available, and prices depend on quantity ordered.

To order, please either contact gillian's herbs directly or order through the staff at the Wellness Centre.  Orders will normally take between 24 and 48 hrs. and will be available for pick up at the Lillooet Wellness Centre. Mail orders also welcome but they will take longer.

contact info for ordering or for more information:
    Or by calling  778-765-4900 (hours Mon-Fri 10am-3pm) - 250-256-3753 (cell)

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