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"I'm so happy to find an organic and pure lotion without all of those extra ingredients to use on my baby Ethan. I hope you keep making them for a very long time. Thank you for making such great organic products" K. Herlax, Citrus Heights, California, USA

"Your special blend of immune and mushroom tonic has kept me healthy for many years and will continue to be a staple in my home. Women’s Tonic has been a huge help over the last couple years as my body ages gracefully. It helps to keep me balanced. Soul Soother Tea has a special spot in my tea cupboard. It is my source of comfort after a busy day." Nicola 

"Gillian's yummy Face and Hand Cream is my personal spa retreat. It feels so nurturing to my skin, the scent takes me away to the land of milk and honey..." Shani Cranston, hOMe Grown Living Foods 

"I have used many of Gillian's products and I like them a lot. My personal favorites are her skin creams and salves. I used to have quite serious outbreaks of eczema on my hands, and Gillian's Seven Herb Healing Salve is the only product that has healed up the weeping tissue -- and believe me, I went through a lot of other products before I found this one!"  Anna Marie, Ithaca, New York,  USA

"My family has been using Gillian's 'Super Echinacea' and 'Seven Herb Healing Salve' for at least 7 years.  The tincture stops a cold or flu in its tracks, and her salve has saved us a few trips to the vet and the human hospital for stitches - no joke!  Thanks Gillian, and keep the products coming." Maggie O'Scalleigh, Victoria, B.C.

"A personal consultation with Gillian (two years ago) has set me on an invaluable course of vitamins and supplements to meet my particular needs - including how much and how often to take them.  Results are low cholesterol, low blood pressure and general good health! I continue on the path and am very grateful to Gillian for removing the mystery of what one should take and how much." Anne Plaxton, Cobourg, ON

"The hard working salve is my only remedy for dry hands in the winter. And one 100ml jar has lasted me two winters!" Justin

"I love using the mineral mix on my popcorn! It’s so delicious that my kid even loves it!" Christine Eileen, Lillooet, BC

“Gillian’s products are made with great care and are awesome for sensitive skin. My mum’s favorite is her mineral mix - we make sure we never run out of that!” Mary Oh, Lillooet, BC

"My grandma uses sore muscle salve for her restless leg syndrome and nerve pain/burning she gets. She said your salve works better than anything she’s used, including products that use CBD." Lindsey, Media, Pennsylvania, USA

(photo: the johnny jump up plant)