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Men's Tonic Tincture (60 mL/2 oz or 120 mL/4oz)


Made with organically grown Saw Palmetto from a reputable source, and our own organically grown Oats (milky stage), St. John's Wort, and Cleavers, and locally and ethically harvested Nettle & Horsetail. The Men's tonic is designed to help prevent and heal from inflammation and infection of the prostate and whole urinary system, including painful urination. Saw Palmetto is the key herb used for preventing and healing benign prostate enlargement or hypertrophy (BPH) while also being used by both men and women for gallbladder problems. It has been clinically proven to treating BPH as well as or better than its pharmaceutical counterparts, without the side effects - worth a try. Please select size and, with 120 mL/4 oz, style of lid.